There is a kind of gentle, absolute kith1 that kithes2 an issue without preventing it; and that the Hellenes nominated μοῖρα (moira).

My purblind wife, for instance, in redding3 her bairn, herself stepped on a bee; the moral to which envoy:4 bombuliophobia.5



kith, n. (kiθ) [< G. kund ] Knowledge communicated, information. a1400 Sir Perc. 1281 So kyndly takes he that kyth, That up he rose and went hym wyth.


kithe, v. (kaið) [< G. künden ] To make known. c1450 HOLLAND Howlat 235 Confess cleir can I nocht, nor kyth all the cass.


redd, v. [< G. retten ] To save, deliver. 1584 J. MELVILL Autobiog., etc. (1842) 180 Your tender King, and sweit native countrey, to be redde from the abbusars and misrewlares of the sam.


The moral (argument) precedes l'envoy (conclusion):

I will example it.
   The fox, the ape, and the humble-bee,
   Were still at odds, being but three.
There's the moral. Now the l'envoi.
(Love's Labour's Lost, III.3)


bombuliophobia, n. [< Gr. βομβυλιός, bee] Fear of bees.